Why we don't recommend washing your floors with Laundry Detergent!

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At Nellie's, we take pride in knowing that most of our products have multiple functions, and our packaging can be reused for other purposes. Our founder is adamant we don't create products that serve the same purpose and label them differently. 

Our Tuesday Tips show you other ways to use Nellie's products and packaging around the house, saving you time and money! 

Even though our Laundry Soda  is amazing and safe for the whole family's laundry, we don't recommend washing your floors with chemicals OR  Laundry Soap! 


Here's why: 


  • The Alkalis in Laundry Soap are too strong for floors - floors need a neutral PH. 
  • Chemicals found in common household laundry detergents can be harmful to kids and pets - who spend time on floors. 
  • The average washing machine uses 19 gallons of water per load with measured laundry soap - the amount you would use to mop is so much less! It would be impossible to accomplish this ratio in a bucket. 
  • Floor manufacturer's warranties would be invalid if using a product not labelled for floors was proven to cause damage. 
  • To avoid streaks and buildup, you would have to mop 2-3 times to rinse clean! 

We recommend using any planet-friendly floor-specific cleaner you like - OR try Nellie's #1 Best Selling  Floor Care


Nellie's Floor Care


Why it's a best seller: 


  • Plant-based formula 
  • Formulated to be safe for most types of floors
  • Signature lemongrass scent 
  • Concentrated - a little goes a long way! 
  • Leaves floors sparkling clean

Use  Nellie's Floor Care  with your mop of choice - or try the  Nellie's WOW Mop


Why it's so great! 


  • Lightweight 
  • No effort required 
  • Wireless and Rechargeable 
  • Scrub and Polish Pads  oscillate up to 1000 times a minute
  • Pads can be popped into the washing machine and used over and over 
  • Easy mopping for hard-to-reach places (under couches, cabinets, dressers, and beds) 
  • Cute enough to leave out to reach for when needed. 
  • Can be shortened for kids to help with mopping!


Until May 11th, select WOW Mops and Floor Care items are 20% off!  Shop WOW Mops and Floors



Floor Care Laundry Soda Scrub and Polish Pads WOW Mop

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