Nellie's Energy & Money-Saving Dryer Tips

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Looking to save energy and money in 2023? Look no further! 

With wool straight through to the core, our Dryerballs act as a soft, silent, and natural fabric softener that lifts and separates clothes, cutting down on both static and drying time. They also come in an adorable reusable tin that doubles as a piggy bank. 

Let's face it. You're going to need somewhere to put all the money you'll save from using less energy from drying! 

10 Energy-Saving Dryer Tips: 

1. Utilize your washing machine's high-spin cycle 

2. Choose an energy-efficient dryer 

3. Sort dryer loads by thickness and material 

4. Do not overload the dryer 

5. Use a lower heat setting 

6. Choose the correct dryer cycle 

7. Empty the lint trap after every load 

8. Air dry what you can 

9. Use Nellie's Lamby Wool Dryerballs or Flyerballs

Looking to add a hint of fragrance to your laundry? Try our Scented Wool Dryerballs and Flyerballs.

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