Master the Art of Cleaning Up After Your Furry Friend

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Owning a dog is a joyful journey filled with wagging tails, playtime at the park and long walks through the neighbourhood. However, it's also a journey filled with muddy paws, slobbery kisses, and occasional messes. To help you embrace the adventure without fretting over the clean-up, we've put together some top-notch tips on how to clean up after your four-legged companion. Plus, discover Nellie's Pet Bundle, your 'must-have' in maintaining a fresh and tidy dog and home. 

1. Fresh Dog: The Quick Clean-Up Tool

After an exhilarating romp at the dog park or an adventurous hike, your dog might not be in the cleanest state. That's where Nellie's Fresh Dog steps in! Keep this on-the-go, pet-safe, waterless dog shampoo in your car, bag or by the back door. A few spritzes and a rub down are all you need to freshen up your dog's coat and leave it smelling clean, even when a bath is miles away. 

2. DBL DRY Dog Towel: The Ultimate Drying Buddy 

The DBL DRY Towel is your best friend when it comes to keeping your dog and home clean. This extra large absorbent microfibre towel quickly soaks up moisture, mud, and messy paws. 

3. Fragrance-Free One Soap: The All-in-One Soap

Nellie's One Soap is a gentle yet powerful solution for a thorough clean. It's safe for your pet and your entire household. Whether you're washing their food bowls or bathing your dog after a mud puddle accident, this soap does it all without any harsh chemicals or artificial scents. 


Owning a dog is a joyous experience, but it does come with its share of messes. With Nellie's Pet Bundle within reach, you can effortlessly clean up after your furry friend and enjoy the adventure without worrying about the mess. Embrace the joys of pet ownership and maintain a fresh and clean dog with Nellie's pet products.


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