How to Wash Your Water Bottles

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Do you love reusable water bottles as much as we do? They're super handy and great for the planet, but let's talk about keeping them clean. Over time bacteria, mold, and funky odors can build up inside crevices, making your bottle less appealing and possibly harmful. But don't worry - with Nellie's Dish Butter, a Swedish Dishcloth, and a bottle brush, you can keep your water bottle fresh and clean. Here's how! 

Why Bother Cleaning? 

Even if you only use your bottle for water, germs from your mouth can still get in there and multiply. Regular cleaning keeps it hygienic and safe. Trust us, it's worth the effort. 

What You'll Need 

To get your bottle squeaky clean, grab these items: 

  • Nellie's Dish Butter: Tough on grime, gentle on the planet. 
  • Swedish Dishcloths: great for wiping down the outside.
  • Bottle Brush: Perfect for scrubbing the inside. 

Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide 

1. Take It Apart 

First things first, disassemble your water bottle. Remove the lid, straw, and any other parts. This makes sure you can clean every nook and cranny.

2. Lather Up 

Wet your bottle brush and add a small amount of Nellie's Dish Butter. A little goes a long way with this powerful dish soap. 

3. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

Use the brush to scrub the inside of the bottle, getting all those hard-to-reach spots. Pay special attention to the mouthpiece and the threads where the lid screws on. 

4. Clean the Small Bits 

Scrub the lid, straw, and any other parts with the brush and a bit more Dish Butter. For narrow straws, a smaller brush or pipe cleaner works great. 

5. Rinse Well

Rinse everything under warm water to wash away all the soap. Make sure there's no soap left inside the bottle or on the parts. 

6. Wipe it Down

Dampen the Swedish Dishcloth and wipe down the outside of the bottle. This gets rid of any fingerprints or smudges. 

7. Let it Dry 

Let all the parts air dry completely before you put them back together. You can place them on a clean towel to speed up drying. 

Extra Tips

  • Daily Rinse: Give your bottle a quick rinse and scrub every day. 
  • Weekly Deep Clean: Do a thorough cleaning once a week. 
  • Skip the Dishwasher: Handwashing with Nellie's Dish Butter is better and more thorough. 

Keeping your water bottle clean is key to staying healthy and enjoying fresh-tasting water. With Nellie's Dish Butter, a Swedish Dishcloth, and a trusty bottle brush, you can easily keep your bottle spotless. Try these steps and see how easy it is to keep your bottle in tip-top shape. Happy Cleaning! 

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