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When it comes to dishwashing, don't be fooled by big soap brands with their fancy words and hard to pronounce chemicals. Nellie's Dish Cubed offers a refreshing alternative for a clean that's simple, effective, and planet friendly. After all, less really is more! Here's everything you need to know about why Nellie's Dish Cubed is the superior choice for your kitchen. 

The Magic of Nellie's Dish Cubed 

Nellie's Dish Cubed is designed to simplify your dishwashing routine while ensuring your dishes come out sparkling clean every time. These compact, powerful cubes are packed with planet friendly ingredients, free from harsh chemicals found in many conventional dishwashing products. Say goodbye to the necessary additives and hello to a greener, cleaner kitchen. 

What's in Nellie's Dish Cubed? 

Ever wondered what those blue flecks in Nellie's Dish Cubed are? They're not just for show! The blue flecks are a built-in rinse aid, ensuring your dishes come out spotless and streak-free. This added feature means you don't need a separate rinse aid product, saving you money and reducing the number of products cluttering your sink. 

Dish Pods vs. Dish Cubes: Why Nellie's Stands Out

Many dishwashing products come in pod form, encased in PVA plastic. While these pods seem convenient, PVA plastic can leave residues on your dishes and in your water supply, posing potential health and environmental risks. Nellie's Dish Cubed avoids these issues by eliminating PVA plastic entirely. 

Our dish cubes are a solid, concentrated formula that dissolves completely during the wash cycle, leaving no harmful residues behind. This makes them the safer choice for your home and the planet. Plus, with no plastic film to worry about, you can feel good knowing you're reducing plastic waste. 

Less is More 

With Nellie's Dish Cubed, you get more cleaning power with less product. Each cube is highly concentrated, ensuring maximum effectiveness with every wash. This means fewer products and less waste, making your dishwashing routine both efficient and eco-conscious. 

How to Use Nellie's Dish Cubed 

Using Nellie's Dish Cubed is incredibly simple. Just place one cube in your dishwashers detergent compartment, close the door, and run your usual cycle. The cube will dissolve completely, leaving your dishes sparking clean without the need for additional products. 

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