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"You get a bundle! YOU get a bundle! EVERYBODY GETS A BUNDLE!!!" 

This could be you at your next holiday gathering. Show the people you love how much you care by giving them the gift that just keeps on giving - and never... ever stops: laundry and cleaning. How very Oprah of you. 

Here are 5 Bundles perfect for gifting! 

Pet Bundle

Our pet bundle features Fresh Dog (waterless dog shampoo), Fragrance-Free One Soap for bath time, a DBL DRY Dog Towel for a super-absorbent solution to getting your pooch nice and dry, and Wrinkles to cuddle with. 

Laundry Starter Bundle 

This bundle has everything for a greener, cleaner, laundry routine. Includes our best-selling concentrated Laundry Soda, stain and odour-fighting Oxygen Brightener, WOW Stick (stain remover) and our eco-friendly Dryerballs. 

Dishwashing Bundle 

Dish duty got your undies in a bundle? We've got a bundle for that. Nellie's Dishwasher Powder 100 Scoop Tin, Dishwasher Powder 50 Scoop Refill Pouch, Swedish Dishcloths and Fragrance-Free One Soap. 

Cleaners Bundle

Nellie's Cleaners "Bundle of Joy" features all our favorite household cleaners: All-Purpose Cleaner, Shower & Bath Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner and One Soap plus our new Swedish Dishcloths. 

WOW TOO Bundle 

Nellie's WOW TOO Bundle has everything needed to get spectacular-looking floors! It includes the cordless, rechargeable, and lightweight WOW TOO, an extra set of Scrub & Polish Pads and a 2.7L Floor Care canister. 

Give the gift of clean this Holiday Season and help your loved ones make the switch to planet-friendly cleaning! 

Cleaners Bundle Dishwashing Bundle Laundry Starter Bundle Pet Bundle WOW TOO Bundle

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