Lamby Wool Dryerballs

Lamby Wool Dryerballs

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Sheep all over New Zealand are lining up to strip down for one of the most popular items in the Dryerball family: 100% pure New Zealand sheep’s wool Dryerballs. That’s a lot of naked sheep!

Searching for a natural alternative to toxic dryer sheets? Look no further! With wool straight through to the core, our Dryerballs act as a soft, silent, natural fabric softener that lift and separate clothes, cutting down on both static and drying time. They also come in a reusable tin that doubles as a piggy bank. You’re going to need somewhere to put all the money you’ll save from using less energy from drying.

*No sheep were harmed in the making of our Dryerballs*

Looking to add a hint of fragrance to your laundry? Try our Scented Dryerballs.


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Use in place of dryer sheets and fabric softeners.
Toss all 4 Dryerballs into your dryer and dry accordingly.

New Zealand Sheep’s Wool.

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2 reviews for Lamby Wool Dryerballs

  1. sunset609

    These work great and cut down on drying time. I never would have thought it would make such a difference but it does. I really like that these are made of natural wool and not of plastic. This world has too much plastic and its not good for us.I would purchase these again its worth the buy.

  2. daisyrothschild

    These are so great! They really do work, are fragrance free (the plain ones, perfect for allergics like us.) Everything dries faster as well. If it seems expensive at first, remember– it’s actually going to save you money, you don’t have to buy fabric softener any more! (which is toxic not only to humans- you can absorb those chemicals through your skin, just like Nicoderm patches– but to birds as well.) ‘Lamby Balls, Lamby balls’ is a little song that makes me laugh while doing the laundry. The little metal washing machine packaging is so clever too, I keep it above the dryer. I’m so happy to have found an alternative to a smelly product, that’s green and clean. I’d recommend these to everyone. 5 stars! Thanks to you all.

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Nellie's Tip

This adorable tin doubles as a piggy bank, which you’re going to need when you see how much money you’ll save using less energy!