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Sheep all over New Zealand are lining up to strip down for our newest addition to the Dryerball family: Flyerballs!

Soft, silent, and absolutely adorable, Flyerballs are the wool dryerballs you know and love, but extra cute. Made of 100% pure New Zealand wool, Flyerballs have added wings to float through your dryer and help separate fabrics, cutting down on both static and drying time.

*No sheep were harmed in the making of our Flyerballs*

Although cute, please keep out of reach of pets.

Looking to add a hint of fragrance to your laundry? Try our Scented Dryerballs.
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Place all three Flyerballs in dryer with your fabrics.
Nellie's Flyerballs shorten drying time, soften fabrics and reduce wrinkles without the use of nasty chemicals.
Separate natural fabrics from synthetics to help reduce static.

100% pure New Zealand wool.

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