Why Powder?

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At Nellie's, we get one question more than any other, Why Powder

Here's why! 

1. Traditional liquid detergents are made up largely of water, and we don't think shipping unnecessary water around the world is a good idea! 

2. More cleaning power can be packed into powder

3. Nellie's is more concentrated than other detergents, so a little goes a long way! 

Tips to maximize your Nellie's Powders: 

  • Store in a cool, dry place and keep sealed tight
  • Use as directed. One small scoop (one tablespoon) is all you need for a regular-sized dishwashing or laundry load. 
  • When your tin is empty, consider reusing it by filling it with Nellie's bulk powders or repurposing it as a storage container or planter

We are always looking at ways to reduce waste and create plastic-free packaging. There have been bumps along the way, but we are proud of how far we have come. 

Most recently, we removed the plastic bag from inside our tins! This was an accomplishment we feel great about. 

Try our Dishwasher Powder, Laundry Soda, and Oxygen Brightener powders today and see why we have to make the popular powders in Bulk!  

Next up is Nellie's Zero-Waste Initiative. Follow us on Instagram for the inside scoop on this important initiative - and all things Nellie's! 

Dishwasher powder Laundry Soda Oxygen Brightener Why Powder?

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