The Ultimate Pre-Dinner Party Cleaning Checklist

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Preparing for a dinner party? Never Fear! With Nellie's versatile product lineup, you can have your home sparkling clean in no time. Here's your ultimate pre-dinner party cleaning checklist: 

1. Deodorize with Nellie's Ninety-Nine 

Before guests arrive, give your home a refresh with Nellie's Ninety-Nine. Spray it on garbage cans, upholstery, carpets, and curtains for a burst of cleanliness. Its electrolyzed water formula eliminates 99.9% of odours, leaving a welcoming ambiance. 

2. All-Purpose Cleaning Magic 

Grab Nellie's All-Purpose Cleaner to swiftly tackle surfaces. From countertops to tabletops, this cleaner is tough on grime and gentle on your home. Wipe away fingerprints and spills effortlessly. 

3. Dish Stick Sink Revival

Don't forget the sink! Nellie's Dish Stick is your secret weapon. It cleans and refreshes your sink, making it the shining star of your kitchen. Load it up with our Dish Stick Refills and scrub away! 

4. Quick Mop with the WOW TOO

Kids or pets track dirt into the house? No worries! Grab Nellie's WOW TOO for a quick wipe down. It swiftly cleans your floors with minimal effort, ensuring they're ready for any guests that show up unexpectedly. 

5. Swedish Dishcloth Dusting

Use a Swedish Dishcloth to dust off surfaces. Their reusable and absorbent nature makes them perfect for a quick dusting of furniture and decor. 

With Nellie's, your pre-dinner party cleaning routine becomes a breeze, enjoy a spotless home, leaving you more time to savour special moments with your guests. Cheers to a clean and joyful gathering! 

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