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Your Pillows Need Some Love Too

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They support your head while you sleep, and they’re a key player in a polished-looking bed – but when compared to bigger bedroom pieces, pillows can seem insignificant. So even if you’re the type who regularly deep cleans the house, it’s easy to forget about cleaning your pillows. You’re probably washing your sheets and pillowcases on a regular basis, but let’s face it – those fluffy, feather-filled sacks (which absorb oils from your hair and skin!) also need some TLC. Keep in mind that not all pillows can be cleaned the same way – down and feather-filled ones require different methods than the decorative accent pillows you have around your home. It’s not laborious or time-consuming – just follow our tips and tricks for foolproof pillow cleaning that will leave them looking like new! While we’re at it, we’ll throw in some good tips for cleaning your pillowcases too.



Both down and feather-filled pillows can be machine washed on a delicate cycle and then placed in the dryer to tumble dry. However, make sure they’re completely dry to prevent the feathers from producing mildew. We also recommend leaving the pillows out near a window or warm radiator for a few hours before returning them to the bed, just to be certain that the interior filling is completely dried out. This goes for travel pillows too! Their synthetic stuffing tends to create mildew if left damp inside the pillowcase, so only wash the pillow if completely necessary (like you spilled your in-flight drink on it). Otherwise, you should be fine with a simple refresh.


Vodka – it's not just for Moscow Mules! You only need to wash your pillows every six months to a year, and vodka is a quick-drying sanitizer so it's perfect for giving your pillows a refresh when you're changing the sheets. Simply fill a spray bottle with vodka, spritz your pillows, and let dry. These will dry faster than when you do a deep clean, so you’re not risking the chance of mildew.


For more decorative pillows (like those on your sofa or guest bed), they should be spot cleaned as needed, but the appropriate cleaning technique depends on the type of material each is made of. Since these pillows often have appliques and fabric that should not be machine washed, spot removal is the way to go.

Try using Nellie’s All-Natural WOW Stick to lift stains out of the fabric by rubbing the WOW Stick on the stained area, and then agitate the stain under water. Let air dry.


When it comes to washing pillowcases, we suggest a weekly (and perhaps twice-weekly during the hot summer months) machine wash with Nellie's All-Natural Laundry Soda. If your cases are made of cotton, flannel, synthetic, bamboo, or modal, wash them in hot water. If your pillowcases are linen, silk, or sateen-weave cotton, choose the gentle cycle and a cold-water wash. For both, dry on the low setting with your Nellie's Lamby Wool Dryerballs.

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Safe for Baby, Safe for Nature

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A Healthy Baby Starts with Safe Products

Here at Nellie's, we're often asked what the difference is between Nellie's Laundry Soda and Baby Laundry Soda. All of Nellie’s All-Natural products don't contain any harsh ingredients and are formulated with sensitive skin and the environment in mind. However, sometimes babies are unavoidably messy! That’s why we added a concentration of sodium percarbonate for natural brightening, along with a pure vegetable soap base so you don’t have to add any additional whiteners or brighteners. Its stain-fighting power is effective on cloth diapers and even removes baby's stubborn stains like milk, baby formula, and spit-up. The formula, derived from plant-based and mineral-based ingredients, is hypoallergenic, gentle on baby’s soft skin, and leaves no residue or fragrance in the fabric.
Regular, chemical-based detergents can leave residue in your fabrics that can lead to irritation or a rash on sensitive skin. They often contain long lists of ingredients that require a degree in chemistry to pronounce, along with irritating fragrances that can dry out skin. Nellie’s All-Natural Baby Laundry Soda has just 5 simple ingredients to effectively clean your laundry without irritating baby’s skin or damaging the environment.
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