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Four Mistakes that are Keeping Your Home Messy

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When you devote time every day to keeping your home clean, it can be surprising learning that little habits in your everyday routine could actually be making it messier! The good news is we’re here to help! These little changes don’t require extra work, it’s just a matter of switching up your habits.

Not Leaving the Washing Machine Door Open

If your habit is to shut the washing machine door the second you finish a load of laundry, you may want to reconsider. While the closed door might make the laundry room look neater, it traps moisture inside the machine which could cause mildew. Even if your freshly-laundered towels have that funky towel smell, this habit could be to blame. The fix is easy! Just remember to leave the door slightly ajar. Of course, if you have small children or curious pets, you might want to continue closing the door for safety reasons.

Using Paper Towels Instead of a Microfiber Cloth

If your first instinct is to reach for a roll of paper towels when you clean the bathroom mirror or the kitchen windows, you may want to swap them out for a microfiber cloth. Paper towels not only can cause streaks, but they can leave tell-tale trails of lint on mirror or glass surfaces. Plus, using a reusable cloth is friendlier for the environment! A microfiber cloth and the All Purpose Cleaner are a match made in eco-friendly heaven.

Assuming Your Kitchen Sponges are Clean

In recent years, studies have shown that microwaving kitchen sponges to disinfect them isn’t as effective as people thought! If you’re microwaving your sponges and then using them to wipe down your kitchen counters, you could unknowingly be smearing bacteria around. Instead, commit to replacing your kitchen sponge regularly (ideally once a week) to ensure that this cleaning tool is actually clean. Or, switch to a cloth that you can easily toss in with your laundry and clean with the Laundry Soda! Less waste, but still a sparklingly clean kitchen.

Forgetting to De-Germ Your Cell Phone

If you’re spending all your time disinfecting your counters and cutting boards, but then setting your germy cell phone down on every surface in your kitchen, you could be undoing your best efforts! Studies have shown that a cell phone could be carrying more germs than a toilet seat. Yuck! To make sure you’re not spreading these germs around the house, disinfect your phone regularly. We like using a gentle cloth and the All Purpose Cleaner!
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How to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

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Do you feel like your house is never truly clean, but don’t have enough time to devote to housekeeping? Do those dust-bunnies seem to never disappear? We’ve got some tips and tricks for you!

Keep Knick-Knacks at Minimal

Donate or store away anything that you don’t need daily. If you’re someone that collects knick-knacks, consider only keeping a few out at a time. Take a good, critical look at all of the surfaces in your home and make an effort to keep them as minimal as possible. The less stuff you have on surfaces, the easier it is to go around with a rag and your All-Purpose Cleaner and get the whole home dust-free in minutes.

Keep the Kitchen Clean - Every Time

Try to keep as few small appliances out in the open as possible – how often do you really use the deep-fry machine anyway? Wipe off surfaces and do the dishes while you cook. Clean up all kitchen counters immediately after cooking or eating. If you clean while you cook then the after-dinner cleanup will be a breeze!

Have Cleaning Supplies Handy in the Bathroom

Keep microfiber cloths, paper towels, and the All-Purpose Spray in the bathroom at all times, so you can do a quick wipe-down of counters right away when you see it’s starting to get mucky. If your cleaning supplies are right where you need them, then you’re more likely to do a speed-clean before things get out of control. Is it time to do a deep-clean in your bathroom? Check out our guide here!

Keep Clutter in Check

Put stuff away when you’re done using it, so things won’t start piling up on your floors, couches, and tables. If you see dirty socks on the floor, pick them up and take them to the laundry basket when you’re headed that way. Recycle junk mail as soon as you get it. In fact, go through your mail while standing at the recycling can! Take dirty dishes to the kitchen right after you finish eating. If you see a lot of things that need to be picked up, grab an empty laundry basket and quickly go through your home picking things up and dropping off items in the right places.
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Suds in the Tub - the Nellie's Bathroom Cleaning Guide

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We’re firm believers in that the room in which you clean yourself should be clean too! The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, meaning it gets dirty quickly! For your weekly bathroom clean, you don’t have to resort to harsh and nasty chemicals to make the room sparkle and shine! Keep reading for our guide on the ultimate bathroom clean!

Shower & Bath Cleaner

Cleaning the shower or bath is no fun, no matter how good your cleaning playlist is. Cut back on the scrubbing with the Shower & Bath Cleaner. Use it as a daily cleaner as well as a general deep clean. Simply turn the nozzle to the ‘ON’ position and spray away! For general shower cleaning, spray the entire area and allow the solution to set for at least 30 seconds to loosen the dirt and soap scum. Scrub with a non-abrasive sponge if necessary, and then rinse and wipe clean. For daily shower cleaning, mist all wet surfaces (including the shower curtain) right after your shower and allow to dry. Don’t use on natural stone, marble, brass, or damaged/cracked surfaces.

All-Purpose Cleaner

The All-Purpose Cleaner truly lives up to its name – you can get an eco-friendly clean from the kitchen, the hallway, your outdoor space, and more! In the bathroom, it’s ideal for counters and any other surface that gets toothpaste marks and finger prints. The lemongrass scent provides an exceptional cleaning power against household dirt and grime, all while being free from harsh chemicals, phosphates, dyes, perfumes, and no SLS or SLES. Wipe away all that dirt without hurting you, your family, or the environment!

Floor Care & WOW Mop

Whether your bathroom floor is tile, vinyl, or laminate, your floors need cleaning too! Nellie’s Floor Care is specially formulated for the Nellie’s WOW Mop with a plant-based formula that removes stains and tackles the toughest household dirt and odours. Plus, thanks to the design of the WOW Mop, you can clean hard-to-reach places like behind the toilet with ease.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

When it comes to the place you put your cheeks, you want to keep it as clean as possible! Nellie’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner has our signature refreshing lemongrass scent – much better than what’s normally going on in there! Get eco-friendly cleaning power and long-lasting performance without any nasty chemicals. Simply flush the toilet to wet the bowl area, and squeeze the bottle under the rim. Allow to set for a few minutes, and then scrub with a toilet brush and flush to rinse!
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Your Dishwasher's Best Friend

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Introducing your dishwasher’s best friend and the newest addition to the Nellie’s family, the dish refill pouch! It’s the same beloved formula we use in our Dishwasher Powder tins – easily penetrating grease, food particles, and more, leaving every plate spotless! It even takes care of stubborn baked-on foods, so you have nothing to worry about when your mother-in-law unexpectedly knocks on the door. In fact, she may even be so impressed with your sparkling dishes she stays for dessert! (Sorry about that)
Plus, our phosphate-free formula provides an eco-friendly cleaning experience, so the environment is left as clean as your plates and glasses. Shop the new Nellie’s Dishwasher Powder pouch here.
Why does Nellie’s use powder? Liquid detergents are made of largely of water. We don’t think selling and moving water around the planet is a very good idea. The fact is, more cleaning power can be packed into a smaller space using powder! You can learn more here.
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How to Get a Happy, Efficient Laundry Room

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Whatever size your laundry room is, it’s important to ensure it’s a space you’re inspired by and happy to be in, since it’s a room that’s used so frequently. Don’t dread doing the laundry because of the gloomy space! We’ve got some ideas to help you love your laundry room.

Brighten Up, Buttercup

Is your laundry area dark and depressing? A few simple upgrades can beautify the space – first, brighten it up by opening blinds or swapping in LED bulbs. Better lighting is not only more pleasant but also helps you spot and treat stains before they’re set in by the dryer. Also, who says laundry rooms have to be stark and utilitarian? Try a funky wallpaper or paint colour to keep things cheerful. Finally, add a plant to keep the air fresh naturally.

Keep the Essentials Accessible

Consider open shelving to allow clear and easy access to necessities like your Laundry Soda, Oxygen Brightener, and WOW Stick. You can hide extra supplies like lint rollers and sewing kits in baskets and sturdy boxes. A wheeled hamper with separate sections will help you easily divide lights and darks. Look for a nice, attractive hamper – there’s no reason a hamper has to be ugly!

Stack up the Storage

If you have the space, use the laundry room as your cleaning hub with extra cleaning supplies, a broom, your WOW Mop and Floor Care. It’ll keep everything organized and prevent you from having to hunt down the All-Purpose Spray because you’re not sure if you left it in the bathroom or the kitchen.
Do you have other laundry room tips?  Let us know below!
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