Planet-friendly cleaning in the kitchen!

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Want to switch to a greener clean but don't know where to start? We always suggest the kitchen! Nellie's has 4 great basics to get you started that won't break the bank - but will help the planet!

One Soap 

A multi-purpose soap great for hand washing dishes, washing hands, countertops, and floors. 

Swedish Dishcloths 

Replace 15+ rolls of single-use paper towels using these wonder cloths to wipe up spills, wash dishes and clean countertops.

Dishwasher Powder 

A concentrated, planet-friendly powder that washes dishes without leaving an invisible chemical residue behind. 

All-Purpose Cleaner 

For a deeper clean, this all-purpose cleaner is a necessity for cleaning countertops, sinks, glass and stainless steel. 


In case you missed it, Nellie's recently added FUNdraising opportunities for schools, sports teams, and community programs. Whether you need to raise money to upgrade a playground, fund an exchange program, or purchase new sports equipment, Nellie's is here to help! 

Everyone already shops for cleaning products, but this way, your community gets 20% off select Nellie's products, and 10% of sales go back to your organization! All the amazing products listed above can be included in your fundraiser! 

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