Nellie's Stovetop Cleaning Guide

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In the heart of your kitchen, your stove takes on a daily battle against spills, grease, and lingering residues. Keeping it in top-notch condition is a breeze with Nellie's Dish Stick

Nellie's Dish Stick isn't just for dishes - it's a versatile tool that transforms stovetop cleaning. Paired with the cleaning power of our solid dish soap, it ensures a grease-free, shiny surface with every swipe. 

Step 1: Gather Your Tools 

Assemble your cleaning arsenal: Nellie's Dish Stick, a bowl of warm water, and Swedish Dishcloths.

Step 2: Scrub Away 

With the Dish Stick, start scrubbing in circular motions. The bristles provide effective scrubbing without scratching your stovetop surface. 

Step 3: Wipe Clean

Dip a Swedish Dishcloth into warm water and wipe away the dissolved grime. For stubborn spots, a second pass with the Dish Stick may be necessary. 

Step 4: Final Touches 

For a sparkling finish, use a dry cloth to polish the surface. The Dish Stick leaves your stovetop looking as good as new. 

Discover the joy and simplicity of cleaning with Nellie's Dish Stick. Say goodbye to grime and hello to a shining, spotless kitchen with Nellie's! 

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