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Glass Bottle Update!

As you know, we launched our glass bottle line this year! As a company, our two most important core values are to provide our customers with sustainable, planet-friendly products, as well as honesty and transparency - founding principles that the real Nellie believed in.
This is why we want to update you on what's going on and where we are.
This year has been a big learning curve for us as a company. When we launched our glass line, we set our sights on completely eliminating our plastic bottles from our liquid cleaners and replacing them with glass. We quickly learned that it’s not as easy as we anticipated.
In short, we found that our liquids would sometimes freeze and expand during shipping in the colder months, causing the glass to break. One option is to change our formulas, which we don’t want to do. Our mantra has always been “take the bad stuff out, not put it in”. It’s why our Laundry Soda is made of only 4 ingredients!
For now, our glass bottles are out of stock until we see warmer weather. In the meantime, you can still shop our liquid cleaners in plastic.
We are actively looking at packaging alternatives that are plastic free. As always, we’ll keep you updated with our journey. Thank you for your patience and support!
xx The Nellie’s Team

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