Dryerballs vs Dryer Sheets

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There's no question that Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softeners are bad for your skin and the environment. It was that problem that prompted the development of Nellie's Dryerballs 18 years ago. 

The chemicals found in Dryer Sheets are designed to cling to fabrics, placing a layer between your clothing and skin, and creating the illusion of eliminating static. The synthetic fragrances used in these products are designed to stay, meaning a longer exposure time to these terrible toxins. 

According to EWG (Environmental Working Group), 72% of products with the ingredient 'fragrance' contained endocrine disruptors called phthalates. Read more about why phthalates should be avoided.

Why you should avoid toxic dryer sheets

  • Contain toxic chemicals and fragrances that are harmful to your skin and the planet
  • Leave a chemical residue on your clothing that can transfer to your skin
  • not safely tested 
  • contain harmful  hidden  ingredients 
  • Chemicals in Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softeners create softness by breaking down the fibres in your clothing, meaning your clothes will wear out faster! 

Enter Nellie's Lamby Wool Dryerballs and Scented Wool Dryerballs

Many years ago, Nellie's produced a simple solution to all of the scary information about Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softeners. A product that could lift and separate clothes, create airflow so clothing doesn't clump together and soften fibres, naturally. 

Adding four unscented Lamby Wool Dryerballs to your dryer will not only soften clothing and reduce static but also cuts down drying time. And they last for years!

Why you should make the switch to Wool Dryerballs

  • Planet and skin-friendly
  • Gently lifts and separates clothing
  • Reduced static
  • Reduces drying time
  • Lasts for 2+ years
  • Option to add scent naturally if desired

And if you are like us, we do like a little scent. So we added Scented Wool Dryerballs to Nellie's line of products. Injected into the core of the ball is 100% pure essential oil. As the dryer heats up, a nice, light scent is transferred to the clothing. Try adding a Lavender Scented Dryerball when drying your sheets and pillowcases, and thank us after a great night's sleep! 

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