Camping with Nellie's

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Whether you prefer camping or glamping, Nellie's has everything you need to stay fresh and clean while spending quality time in the great outdoors! 

Nellie's products are planet-friendly, biodegradable and come in packaging meant to be re-used or re-purposed - so they make perfect sense to pack when heading out into the wilderness! 

Camping with Nellie's

One Soap 

Wash pots, pans, countertops, floors and more with this multi-purpose, all-in-one, planet-friendly One Soap

WOW Stick 

Treat ketchup and mustard drips as they happen or pre-treat stained clothes and blankets with a WOW Stick in preparation for the dreaded (end-of-trip) laundry day. 

Laundry Soda 

Hand wash and air-dry smoky camping gear and clothing. Tip: Nellie's Laundry Soda tins make great tightly sealed storage containers when empty! 

Fresh Mist 

Keep camping spaces and fabrics fresh with our pure essential oil misting spray! Don't forget to spritz a little Lavender Fresh Mist on camping pillows for a great night's sleep under the stars. 

Toilet Spray 

No comment on this Lemongrass Toilet Spray - you can thank us upon your return! 

Hand Sanitizer 

Perfect for when you don't have access to water while camping - and pack this Sanitizer mini in your backpack when heading out to explore the great outdoors! 

Fresh Dog 

If you brought your pup, keep Rover's coat mango-oatmeal fresh with Nellie's waterless pet wash!

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