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Your little bundle of joy is perfect, we know. But we also know that babies can be messy. Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda is here to provide you with the perfect solution for dealing with your baby's unavoidable mishaps. In this blog, we will break down the differences between Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda and regular detergents, highlighting the unique benefits that make our baby-specific formula stand out. Let's dive in! 

Gentle on Baby's Sensitive Skin

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin, requiring extra care when it comes to their laundry. Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda is specifically formulated to be hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, making it ideal for babies and their sensitive skin. Our plant-based formula ensures that your baby's skin remains free from irritation and discomfort. 

Powerful Stain-Fighting Performance

We understand that baby stains can be tough to tackle. That's why we've added our Oxygen Brightener to Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda. This brightening agent eliminates the need for additional whiteners and boosts the stain-fighting power of our detergent. From cloth diapers to stubborn baby stains like milk, formula, and spit-up, Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda is up to the task. 

Residue-Free and Safe for Baby

When it comes to your baby's laundry, it's essential to choose a detergent that leaves no residue behind. Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda is designed to rinse completely, leaving no trace of detergent on your baby's clothes. This ensures that your baby's skin remains clean, healthy, and free from any potential irritants. 

Ingredients You Can Trust 

At Nellie's, we are proud of our commitment to using high-quality, safe ingredients. In fact, our Baby Laundry Soda and our Laundry Soda formulas align with the strict ingredient bans enforced by the state of New York. We exclude harmful substances from our Baby Laundry Soda, such as 1,4-Dioxane, and focus on ingredients that are gentle, effective, and safe for your little one. 


Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda Ingredients: 

- Sodium Carbonate 

- Sodium Oleate

- Sodium Carbonate Peroxide 

- Sodium Chloride 

- Sodium Sulfate 


When it comes to caring for your baby's laundry, Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda stands out as the perfect choice. With its gentle formula, powerful stain-fighting performance, and safe ingredients, it provides the optimal solution for keeping your baby's clothes clean, soft, and free from irritants. Trust Nellie's to handle your baby's laundry needs, because the happiest baby is a healthy baby! 

Make the switch to Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda today and experience the difference it makes for your little one. 

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